The Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge recognizes the paramount importance of maintaining the confidentiality of information from participating organizations. All participant data will remain entirely confidential and will be used strictly for verification purposes, for the purposes of awarding points for the competition, and to aggregate program results, such as the overall total amount of energy and emissions saved across all participants in the program.

Only Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge staff will be able to access the information that is shared in EPA’s Portfolio Manager. Participating company utility data, costs, emissions, and verification documentation will never be shared with the public or any other entity outside of the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge Team and Oversight Committee.

The Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge will update its leaderboard page at least once per month during the competition. This page consists of a display of the total number of competition points awarded to each participating organization, according to the number of verified actions that the participating organization has undertaken. The leaderboard will be shared with the public.  Additionally, participants who create an account on the SP Challenge website will be able to view the actions that their organization has completed.  However, no one outside the organization or the SP Challenge team will be able to view an organization's action submissions.

The Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge will share with the public the overall competition results, which may include aggregated information across all participants, such as aggregated cost savings, aggregated total amount of reduced emissions, and aggregated total amount of energy savings.

On occasion, the SP Challenge team may request special permission from a participating organization to share inspirational stories, photos, or actions with the public or with other participants.  The purpose of such a request is to highlight the acheivements of the program's participants, to encourage other organizations to participate, and to inspire existing participants.  Any request from the Challenge team to share information will include details about how the information will be shared, with whom and for what purpose.  No details related to action submissions are shared without written permission from the participant(s).