What's New for 2018?

SP Challenge People's Choice Award

The 2018 Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge will introduce the first SP Challenge People's Choice Award. This award will recognize one organization for its innovative or inspiring sustainability solutions, initiatives or actions. Organizations can be nominated by the SP Challenge staff and Oversight Committee, or organizations can self-nominate. All participating organizations are eligible for this award. More information about the nomination criteria and selection process will be available soon.

(Note: All participating organizations will retain the right to refuse a nomination for any reason. All associated action submissions and details will remain confidential, per the confidentiality policy, until the SP Challenge team receives written permission from the nominated organization to publish their story.)

Revised Master Playbook

The 2016-2017 competition Master Playbook introduced seven simple action categories: Social Equity, Engagement, Energy, Water, Materials Management (Waste), Transportation and Air Quality.  New for 2018, the actions in each category are arranged in the Master Playbook to help your organization earn achievement ribbons. This structure is intended to guide each participant through the actions in each category at increasing levels of investment, accomplishment and impact. What results is a step-by-step action plan that is robust enough for any organization to use, yet customizable enough to accommodate your organization's unique sustainability goals and challenges.

Achievement Ribbons

The 2016-2017 competition introduced the achievement ribbons, with more than 60 earned throughout the year. In 2018, participants can again achieve ribbons of accomplishment in each action category. To earn a ribbon, an organization must first complete a set of Foundational Actions related to the action category. Foundational Actions are usually broadly applicable to all organization types, and provide a scaffold for success. Then, choose from the many Instrumental Actions to customize your strategy. Earn up to three ribbons in each of the seven action categories. Each ribbon earned is worth 25 bonus points!

Standardized Point System

The 2018 competition will feature actions that have been re-aligned under a standardized point system. Past participants will recognize the high value placed on measurable outcomes (such as energy reduction), and will find that many other actions have been boosted to a higher point value. On rare occasions, some action point values were reduced to ensure they are in alignment with similar actions. Be sure to check out the Master Playbook, coming soon, for more details.

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