Engaging Employees and Community for Lasting Change


Many sustainability initiatives require team effort, whether among employees within your organization, or as a broader community.  Participants joined Sustainable Pittsburgh for this workshop to uncover how other organizations have successfully engaged employees to reduce waste, improve commuter impacts, reduce energy and water consumption, and more. 

Participants learned how to incorporate sustainability principles into existing employee engagement initiatives, and how organizations can benefit through collaboration.  Then, the SP Challenge team facilitated a few fun engagement activities that participants could use in their own organizations.

Featured Presenters

Safiya J.A. Hodari, AIA, NOMA, Project Architect at AE Works

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Kathy Hrabovsky, Sustainability Manager, Allegheny County

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Kate Laubacher, Special Distributions Coordinator, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

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Ian Winner, HR Coordinator, NetHealth Systems

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Thursday, August 16, 2018


8:30 am - 9:00 am Breakfast and Registration

9:00 am - 11:30 am Program


Energy Innovation Center, Room 115

1435 Bedford Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

About the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge

A yearlong, friendly competition for businesses, nonprofits, universities, and local governments, the Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge engages employees and measures improvements in the areas of energy, water, waste, transportation, social equity and more.  

SP Challenge Actions

Participants in this workshop may gain sufficient information to complete the following actions in the 2018 Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge:

A7: Write an air quality intervention and improvement plan (10 points)

EA5: Motivate employees in your organization to become engaged in the Challenge by creating an internal competition (1 to 50 points)

EA9: Advocate for sustainable policy locally and regionally (4 to 20 points)

EA13: Publish a Green E-Newsletter (1 point)

EA24: Distribute residential sustainability tips and materials to employees (1 to 3 points)

EN3: Write an energy strategy and improvement plan (20 points)

Q12: Communicate your D&I policies and mission consistently (2 points)

Q20: Volunteer with local organizations (5 to 50 points)

Q22: Partner with local nonprofits / community organizations to engage the broader community in sustainability issues (1 to 5 points)

Q28: Support local community organizations by holding a food, clothing or financial gift drive (1 to 3 points)

W3: Write a plan to adopt standard water conservation strategies (20 points)

MM4: Write a waste reduction zero-waste plan and strategy (10 to 20 points)

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