Master Playbook and Resources

2018 SP Challenge Master Playbook

The 2018 SP Challenge Master Playbook contains detailed information about how to complete an action for approval.  Always check the Master Playbook for full submission criteria before submitting actions.  This will increase the likelihood your action will be approved and points awarded.

NOTE: The SP Challenge team periodically releases updates to the Master Playbook, including new actions and more point-earning opportunities.  Updates are announced in the SP Challenge Newsletter, to which all primary participant contacts are automatically subscribed.  If others in your organization wish to subscribe, they are welcome to do so here.

Download the 2018 SP Challenge Master Playbook

Updated 11/13/18

Local Resource Directory

The 2018 SP Challenge Local Resource Directory contains information, resources, and contact information for organizations across southwestern Pennsylvania, which may be helpful in your organization's quest to become more sustainable.  Links to this resource are contained throughout the Master Playbook, as well.

Download the 2018 SP Challenge Local Resource Directory

Updated 11/20/18

Action Planning Resources

The SP Challenge team has created a set of checklists that some participants may find useful in planning for the 2018 competition.  Each can be downloaded below:

Excel 2018 Action Checklist (all actions)

Updated 11/29/18

This file contains all actions, and can be filtered, sorted or edited as it suits your needs.

Printer-friendly 2018 Action Checklist (all actions)

Updated 11/29/18

This print-friendly checklist contains actions from the seven Sustainability Focus Areas (Social Equity, Engagement, Energy, Water, Transportation, Materials Management and Air Quality) and Municipal and University actions.  Any participating organization may submit these actions.

PRINT NOTICE: Sustainable Pittsburgh is dedicated to saving paper and reducing waste. We recommend using the Master Playbook in its digital state, as a digital format allows us to offer useful resources as hyperlinks and release periodic updates as needed. Please consider forgoing the printer, instead using the Master Playbook as a searchable PDF and/or using the Excel version of the Action Checklist. Thank you!