People's Choice Award

The 2018 Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge introduces the first SP Challenge People's Choice Award. This award will recognize one organization for its innovative or inspiring sustainability solutions, initiatives, or actions. Organizations can be nominated by other participants in the Challenge, the SP Challenge staff and Oversight Committee, or organizations can self-nominate.


Any of the 2018 SP Challenge participating organizations can be nominated for the award, including K-12 Schools and non-competing "Self-Performers". Nominees can be self-nominated, nominated by other participants in the Challenge, or nominated by the SP Challenge staff or Oversight Committee. Members of the Oversight Committee cannot nominate their own organization, but can be nominated by others.


Nominations may be submitted until January 31, 2019 at 11:59:59 pm. Participating organizations may be nominated for any sustainability project or initiative launched or completed in 2018. The project may be associated with one or several actions in the SP Challenge, or may be an initiative completed outside the Challenge, as long as the organization is a participant.

Note: All participating organizations will retain the right to refuse a nomination for any reason. All associated action submissions and details will remain confidential, per the confidentiality policy, until the SP Challenge team receives written permission from the nominated organization to publish their story.


Voting will open on Friday, February 1. Nominated organizations, along with full project details, will be made publicly available on the website for other SP Challenge participants to review. All SP Challenge participating organizations will be eligible to vote for their favorite nominee. Each participating organization will be limited to a single vote. Therefore, voters will be encouraged to gain consensus within their own organization before submitting their vote. The nominee receiving the most votes will be chosen as the winner. If more than one organization is tied for the lead, all tied first-place recipients will be honored. Nominees may cast their vote for their own organization.

People's Choice Award Winner Announcement

The winner of the People's Choice Award will be announced during the SP Challenge Finale and Awards Celebration, along with Top-Scorers, Top-Reducers, and overall outcomes of the Challenge.

Nominate Your Favorite

Use the nomination form below to submit your nomination for the SP Challenge People's Choice award before January 31, 2019 at 11:59:59 pm.

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