GWC 3.0 Results (2014-2015)

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In GWC 3.0, 1,931 actions were taken collectively by 50 active participants

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GWC competitors saved enough energy to power 1,541 average U.S. homes for a year (18,602,681 kWh of energy savings), translating to $1.5 million in cost savings. Factoring in the social cost of carbon, the savings are between $1.65-$2 million. The amount of energy saved equates to more than all of the occupied homes in Polish Hill (697 homes), Swisshelm Park (625 homes), and St. Clair (209 homes) for a year.


GWC participants reduced landfill waste by 436 tons, or 35% compared to the baseline. Total waste, which includes compostable, recyclable, and landfill materials, was reduced 517 tons or 24%. This is an increase in the diversion rate by 20%.

Greenhouse Gases:

Participants saved over 2,865 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, which translates to roughly 73 airline flights of 500 miles: roughly 2/3 of a day worth of all flights leaving Pittsburgh International Airport on a typical day. Additionally, participants saved 2,700 pounds of PM 2.5 from entering the atmosphere.

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The 2014-2015 GWC top scorers in each category were:

Competition Category Awards:


Micro Business Category Winner: Pashek Associates – 235 points

Small Business Category Winner: evolveEA – 598 points

Medium Business Category Winner: The Mall at Robinson – 507 points

Large Business Category Winner: Highmark – 1,003 points


Micro Nonprofit Category Winner: Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP) – 431 points

Small Nonprofit Category Winner: GTECH –722 points

Medium Nonprofit Category Winner – Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh – 743 points


Category Winner: University of Pittsburgh – 770 points

Small Municipality/Local Government: 

Category Winner: Monaca Borough – 310 points

Large Municipality/Local Government: 

Category Winner is Allegheny County – 1,353 points.

Top Saver Awards:

Top Energy Saver: Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh (21.5% Reduction)

Top Water Saver: Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh (17% Reduction)

Top Waste Reducer: Allegheny County (62% Reduction in Landfilled Waste)

Top Commuter Footprint Reducer: GTECH Strategies (9.4% Reduction)

Top Legacy Performer: Conservation Consultants, Inc. (65.5% Reduction from 2010 - 2015)